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Thursday Plantation - The world’s number 1 Tea Tree Oil brand with over 20 different Tea Tree Oil products:

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil - Antibacterial, anti-fungal, non-stinging. Deeply penetrates the skin and even goes through finger nails and toe nails.

Tea Tree Face Care for blemishes and breakouts.

Tea Tree Hair Care - shampoos, conditioner and a chemical and pesticide free Head Lice Kit.

Tea Tree Oral Care - toothpaste and toothpicks.

Tea Tree Body Care - soaps, creams and shower.

Tea Tree Anti-fungal Foot Care - Foot Powder and Tea Tree Foot Spray.


Natural, effective skin care balms and creams.

Active Care Balm for rheumatism, arthritis, joint care, stiffness and bruising.

Skin Care Balm for very dry, inflamed and very sensitive skin conditions.

Massage Balm - used by physiotherapists and sports massage clinics for deep tissue, remedial massage. Recommended by The North London School of Sports Massage.

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